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Rated by Great Schools

Posted June 4, 2013
ArtStart (previously was named) Montessori Academy is the best investment my family has ever made in ensuring academic excellence for both of my daughters. My family has driven from Novi to Farmington Hills since 2006 to attend this educational powerhouse! The educational curriculum is phenomenal and is what I credit both of my daughters' reading aptitude and reading comprehension skills to. They were both early readers as a direct result of the wonderful Pre-K classroom and teachers. Both of my daughters learned to read here at the age of 3. As a result of their early reading, my 4th grader is reading at a 9th grade level and my Pre- Kindergartener is reading at a 2nd grade reading level. I cannot say enough about the nurturing and caring environment Mr. And Mrs. Kapila foster for the children. They are wonderful owners and always provide a personal touch the children.

Posted September 22, 2011
Excellent & Outstanding School! We live in Plymouth and it is Worth the Trip to bring my children here. My son started at the age of 2 and my daughter at the age of 3 and each are treated like Individuals and NOT just like a Number in the System. This is especially important as my children have had Emotional/Behavioral special needs. They've passed screenings for Autism in the Public Schools, but they were defaulted to Special Education programs. Programs offering 'therapies' geared for autistic children because they can't (or won't) work with my children as Individuals. While the children and I endured this frustrating and at times humiliating screening process as directed by U-M Mott; both Ms. Suman and Mr. Raj have patiently held firm on their belief that my children are each Beautiful, Talented and Gifted Individuals with Potentials that deserve to be Nurtured, Fostered and that they just needed Time to heal and grow. Therefore they have become Extended Family to us and we are very, very Blessed to have them in our lives. We also tried a local private school but we were disappointed with the quality of education and compassion for the children.

Posted September 8, 2011
My letter of Appreciation to Mrs. Suman & Mr. Raj and the Staff I want to express my deepest gratitude to Mrs. Suman and Mr. Raj, the staff at Artstart Montessori for an OUTSTANDING EDUCATION, YOUR SUPPORT and FRIENDSHIP for the last 3 years. You have giving my son Hunter a FANTASTIC foundation in which he will be able to build upon! One day we will look around and we'll be proud of his accomplishments all because his foundation was great. I will never forget Artstart! If ever I come across someone looking for a head start for their child I will recommend Artstart! Artstart Montessori ...To me means developing the Artistic side of your child early on! It's developing their Art of speaking, reading and writing! gmc

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